Tweet now to report a sexual harassment

belize crime map

Are you being harassed as of lately? Well here is a tool that you can use to help you in your situation. is a website that actually depicts various harassment incidents that are reported by women via an SMS, email or twitter on a map. Since the site is not located in Belize and somewhere in the middle east we can still use it by sending an email or a twitter. Upon sending a tweet or an email, there is a live map showing the location of where your reported sexual harassment occurred.

What is the website trying to achieve? By mapping these reports online, the entire system will act as a prevention and response tool, highlighting the severity and pervasiveness of the problem.

I know sexual harassment has been an ongoing issue here in Belize and it is something that cannot be stopped from one day to other. But wouldn't you be more happier if you could feel more safe by anonymously reporting a sexual harassment you have seen or have experienced. 

This is the perfect tool for that. Just visit their website for more information or tweet to report a sexual harassment to hashtag/s #harassmap. This is a great opportunity for the people of Belize, especially the youths.

For now Belize looks clean on the map. But I would like to see people actually stepping up and reporting any harassment that they see happening in our beautiful Belize.



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