What to do with the first paycheck of the year

First pay of the yearIf you are a government or private worker then you must be anxiously waiting for that first paycheck of the year to finally come in. It is true, especially if you spent a lot on the holidays. Well who doesn't? 

With that being said, I can almost predict that everyone is broke for this week. And for those who saved, then congratulations -- either you are a mean person or you know how to handle your money properly.

But it stand true that the majority of people are without a dollar in their wallets right now as I speak and they are waiting for that first paycheck of the year.

Some might have gone so far in spending these past holidays that they end up borrowing cash. Too bad for you guys. As for those who didn't barrow but still have some expenses, I want to show you what to do with the first paycheck of the year.

First of all, if you get your pay in cash, deposit half of that cash in your bank account and try not to touch it until the next payday. After all the spending you did for the holidays, you don't need to be spending at the beginning of the new year. If you want to start the year right, start by saving some of your cash until the next paycheck come in. Even if it just 10 dollars. The idea here is to start the year by saving something. If you keep this up you might just have a extra few dollars to spend on your birthday.

How do you guys handle the first pay of the year? 


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