Write your ideas

quick tips belizeYou guys may be wondering where I get my ideas for my posts on my blog. Most ideas are either inspired by someone or an event. That is my secret.

It becomes a problem when I get a lot of ideas in a idea because I tend to forget some and just remember a few when I am typing. So in order to not forget that brilliant idea I doodle, sketch or make a note of it on a notebook. Later on when the time is right I go back to my notebook and browse through my ideas and write about them. This is so useful in my case and it also helps me not to forget about pen an paper. I feel more inspired and awake that way.

Remember it doesn't matter how small the idea is, just write it down on your notebook and refer back to it when you have nothing to write about. Small ideas sometimes make the biggest and most successful stories. It happens to me all the time.



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