You are the boss of your body

belize healthAs the years pass, our mind and body become slaves to the Technology empire. We spend most of your energy and time on the phone and the computer at work, or some other piece of technology We have evolved and adapted to the Technology age, by force.

With that said, you have no control of your body. People get sick easy because of lack of exercise. We get lazy. We expect everything to get done by the press of a button. This is killing us inside. This is destroying our health without even knowing it. We don't give time to important things in life. We have lost emotions and gained new ones. A quick "LOL" has replaced a laugh. People have even forgot to laugh or smile. Technology is cruel but yet we love it so much that we can't live without it. 

It is time for a new change. We must become the boss of our bodies. I am not saying you have to give up on using your phone; that is asking the impossible. All I am saying is that you must start to take care of your body and be the boss of it. A smile a day keeps the doctor away. A run a day keep the muscles intact. A meditation a day helps you to think and concentrate on the good things of life. These little activities and more will allow you to slowly gain control of your body. Excess weight shouldn't be a problem anymore. 

All I am saying is to become more active and enjoy life.



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