A moment of gratitude

It is the day after Valentine's day and I still have more love to share. This time I would like to show some appreciation for those who take five minutes of their time everyday to visit this neat little space on the internet, called iBelmopan.

You guys know who you are and I don't need to mention any names. I am so grateful and lucky to have you guys as part of this wonderful community. You the readers are the most important part of this blog and I literally run out of words to express how deeply happy you make me feel.

Blogging is not just a habit but it has become part of my life as well. The excellent feedback and response that I get from you make this community what it is and that is the essence of what blogging really is. So I am living a wonderful experience and I must thank you for that.

It all started about two years ago and I couldn't imagine that this blog would actually reach the amount of people that it has reached today. The feeling is amazing and it motivates me to keep sharing information everyday.

Thanks you and thank you.



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