Positive Ambitions vs. Negative Ambitions

ambitionsThere are positive ambitions and then there are negative ambitions. How can we tell the difference between these two, you might be asking. Well, negative ambitions are basically those ambitions that are too risky and can get you into trouble. Positive ambitions are those that will better you in life and are less risky. We must aim for the positive ones and stay away, as much as possible, from the negative ambitions.

To further clarify the difference between these two I would like to use some basic examples.  For example, if you have an ambition to be a millionaire in a year, then we are talking about a negative ambition because if we measure the possibilities of that actually happening, it is almost impossible. It doesn't mean you can’t achieve it. It only means that you have to invest quality time and a lot of effort and this becomes too risky. A positive ambition, on the other hand, can be for example, an ambition to renovate your house. This ambition is less risky and can offer a lot of advantages if you have a big family.

So in this sense, we can differentiate between the two ambitions by labeling one as a necessity and one as a luxury. Negative ambitions are luxury and positive ambitions can be classified as necessities. Overall, your ambitions depend greatly on the goals you have in life. Don’t forget to always live life to the fullest and enjoy it at the same time.



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