Post Pins of Belize Stolen Blackberry Phones Here

Belize Stolen Blackberry  So my Blackberry phone just got stolen and according to sources there is no way I could trace it down unless I had installed the Blackberry Protect software. And not even that could have guaranteed me success in retrieving it back.

I called BTL Customer service and they said the only way they could trace it down was that if I had subscribed to their $65 a month data plan, which I didn't - tough luck for me. I won't even waste time and report it to the Authorities, but I feel like we can do something to help in trapping these thieves.

Here is my proposed plan:

Theft of phones especially blackberry phone has been on the rise here in Belize, lets help each other discourage this trend and trace stolen BB phones. The Blackberry phone has unique Pin, we can always come here to post these Pins so that anyone with such pins would know its a stolen phone. We can even help each other by adding those pins and telling the current user that his/her phone is a stolen phone. Together we can fight this.

Here is my Pin#: 3310B401

So if you have just bought a BB phone with this PIN#, it only means that you bought a phone that was stolen. No worries we are here to trap the thieves only and not you the innocent. So if you have lost your BB Phone, post your PIN# below in the comment section. I will update the list of PIN#s on this article every time someone submit a PIN#. Belize is pretty small so I am sure this can work out somehow. 

If you have a twitter account you can also post the stolen BB Pin# to hash-tag #BZBBPIN.



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