Productive living is equal to happiness

tipsThe only way to live a happy life is to also live a productive life. 

How do you feel after you have left your work and are heading home to rest on that favorite sofa of yours? If you feel that you have produced then you are a happy person and if you haven't then you are sad.

The mind works like that. It is not satisfied with how much you have produced during the day and it sure know when you have done so too. So a good tip here is to keep yourself involved in all kinds of activities that make you feel productive. This makes up a big part on how happy you are about yourself and your life.

If you haven't been productive at your work lately, you should start now and things will work out better for your organization and you. One way I keep myself productive is by listing tasks on post-it notes. But there are other ways you can achieve this.

How do you keep yourself productive?



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