Sony Announces PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 - PS4

PlayStation 4 (PS4) is finally here. Although the machine remains to be seen, the announcement brings us many details of the console along with the confirmed games.

Yesterday, after some couple weeks of speculations and rumours, Sony finally and officially announced the PlayStation 4 (PS4) - its new video game console. 

This new generation of consoles will come during Christmas time this year. The biggest surprise of the announcement is that nobody has actually seen the machine. We have seen everything except the console itself. Even a huge list of titles for the new game console were announced and presented yesterday. Those games include titles exclusive to Sony Studio together with some third party game companies.

I am sure there are lot of gamers here in Belize that are anxious to get this new console in their hands. The wait will be long until the end of the year but before that I am sure there will be a lot competition with the other major consoles. I wonder how long it will take for it to reach Belize. I am sure the Tech companies in Belize will be up to par with the sale of the console in December and have it available locally.



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