Twitter is the king of Social Media during the Super Bowl 2013

Social Media Super Bowl commercial mentions

The Super Bowl is one of the most awaited sporting event of the year and the high use of social media networks are a clear sign of that.

Yesterday the Baltimore Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49ers and Twitter dominated the social media universe for Super Bowl XLVII.
According to Marketing Land, Twitter was mentioned in 26 of 52 national TV commercials, taking 50% of the spots that aired during CBS' coverage. Facebook only took four mentions and Google+? None. YouTube and Instagram were mentioned once each, with Hyundai and Oreo, respectively. Last year's Super Bowl was a totally different story, which saw Facebook and Twitter even with eight mentions out of 59 commercials.

Last year saw Google+ not being mentioned either, and for Google+ reportedly being the second largest social network, that's weird. It all comes down to how people use social networks. Twitter, in my opinion, more of an instant tied-to-your-smartphone-and-event kind of thing, and Facebook is more of a 'everything else I do' social network. I don't know where Google+ fits in (personally), and Instagram is purely pictures - mostly of food.



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