Where is Belize in FIFA World Ranking?

After some fantastic display of football lately, the Belize National Football Team climbed up on the FIFA World Ranking. I am not talking about a small jump. They jumped 32 spots up on the ranking chart, one of the highest leap this time around on the FIFA chart. Below is a small picture of the CONCACAF chart as it stands right now. I got it from the FIFA official site so this information is accurate.

As you will notice, Belize climbed 32 spots up, leaving them on the 132nd spot on the FIFA chart. As for the CONCACAF region, Belize deservedly rank 20th with 240 points. This is simply saying that the sport is growing here in Belize. The Belize National Football Team will play the Gold Cup for the first time this year. The prestigious tournament will be held on July in USA.

belize FIFA ranking



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