Worry about the objective and not the virality

Worry about the objective and not the viralityI don't often write blogging tips but here goes a good one that I needed to get off my chest.

Bloggers nowadays spend too much time wondering how viral their stories are going to be and spend less time focusing on the objective of the story.

Each story needs to have an objective in order for it to be a successful one. The minute you loose sight of the objective and worry about other things, then more than likely your post will not be viral. The virality of a story goes hand in hand with how effective you bring out the message. If it is an effective story then the desired traffic will come in. It doesn't matter if you get ten views the first day. That is a start and one that sets the foundation for a successful article.

So stop worrying about the virality first and set your mind on the objectives of your story. It works for me and it works for almost everyone. 



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