Belize Facebook Population 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Last year, on this same day, we published our first "Belize Facebook Population" infographic on our blog. The piece got a lot of response on local and social media, so we decided that this year we would update it, add a few other improvements, and publish it again.

As you may notice, this year compared to last year, the number of Facebook users has increased by 23% (making a total of 81,560 real users) as shown in the infographic below. That means that 25.93% of the total population of Belize has a Facebook account. Wow!

Out of the 81,560 users 49% (39,964) are males and 51% (41,596) are females. Those averages didn't change compared to last year.

The research shows that 32% of those Facebook users are between the ages of 18 to 24. The lowest numbers of users are those of ages 65 and up which constitutes a 1% of the total Facebook population in Belize.

Here is the infographic:

belize facebook population infographic



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