How to brainstorm effectively

tipsBrainstorming is one of the most powerful tools or methods used to create and manifest ideas. Brainstorming is so powerful that the best inventions and ideas came about with the use of this method. Scientists use it, designers use it and even doctors sometimes use it too.

The reality is that everybody brainstorms everyday without realizing it. Although brainstorming sounds like the hardest thing to do, it is as easy as preparing a cup of coffee.

Now that we know know a little about brainstorming I would love to show you how to brainstorm effectively.

Avoid distractions. If you can avoid all kinds of distractions during the brainstorming phase then you are on the right path to generate the best ideas. Some people like to mix the brainstorming phase with researching and other stuff. When you do this, you are creating too much distractions and ideas are lost. It is best to just concentrate on brainstorming and when you think you have enough of it, then you go about doing your research after.



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