HOW TO set up your own goals

Our tip of today is like no other — an excellent tip on how to set up your own goals. I realize it doesn't sound like the easiest thing to achieve but if you are an organized person or at least a bit organized, then you have what it takes to set up your own goals.

When you don’t know how to set up your goals, usually others around end up setting them for you — and you wouldn't want that would you? In fact nobody really wants that.

So my work here today is to help you in designing a system or way on how you can set up your own goals. Here are the steps you can use to set up your own goals:

1. Think – First of all you must think of what you want to achieve in life. You must know what your goals are first in order to venture into accomplishing them. So the thinking process is a very important step you can’t miss — it is as important as meat in a fried taco. If you can’t think of anything, look around for inspiration — nature helps in my case.

2. Design – This is the second step and it is as important as the first step. Everybody needs to design a plan on anything they want to do in life. This reminds me of a funny little plan that my wife prepared for me on how to keep our little dog happy — oh how I love my wife! So yeah, you design a plan by listing your goals either it be on a journal or a notebook — it doesn't really matters — the tools are there. As long as you have those goals in sight, you are on the right track.

3. Deploy – After you have come up with your blue print on how you will achieve your goals, it is time now to work on those goals. This is the hardest step in the process but you can never reach this far if you don’t follow the steps preceding this one. The thinking and designing stages are the most crucial in any goal you want to achieve in life — don’t ever forget them.

Those are basically the steps you should take in order to be able to set up your own goals and achieve them. We can, you can and everybody can. Have a nice time setting up your own goals.



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