Increase comfort and efficiency

tipIt is important that in the workplace you are both comfortable and efficient at the same time. You cannot be one without the other, and that is what today's tip is about.

When you are in the workplace you must increase both comfort and efficiency simultaneously so as the get the best results at the end of the day.

Let us say, for example, that you just bought a new chair for your office because the old one gave you back pain and you had to get up every now and then to relief the pain. With the new chair all these problems should be gone and now you will produce more work by not wasting time getting up. Again, it is up to you to be more efficient as well — you must know when to put  more of your part. In this example you are increasing both comfort and efficiency, which is primarily the goal of the day.

You see, nobody would love to increase efficiency without feeling comfortable because that is the nature of the human mind. At all times we want to feel very comfortable in order to put more of our part towards a task. That is the bottom line!



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