Introducing Belize Minimalist Designs

We love designing just as much as we love nature. So in an effort to combine both and give them the proper attention  they deserve, from now onward we will posting a special digital art collection of what we call "Belize Minimalist Designs".

These designs will be posted here on our blog regularly until we run out of ideas, which is probably never. If you have any ideas for a design, don't hesitate to send us your ideas and who knows, maybe we can make your idea come true.

These designs are done using a special vector designing software and so the designs are available in any scale you desire. We will also be having some of the designs for sale. They make the perfect desktop wallpaper or Facebook cover. But if you prefer it on a cup, shirt, poster, sticker, necklace or any other stationery product, you can start to send in your orders to

We love birds and so our first minimalist design featured today is the Toucan. The toucan is Belize's national bird and so it is a very special creature for us.

Here it is:

belize toucan
Don't be afraid to tell us what you think of our design on the comment section below.



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