Why Unblocking of VOIP Is Good News For Belize Small Business

Belize Voip

The news broke on April 29th, 2013 that Belize Telemedia will no longer block Voice Over Internet Protocol – ( VOIP ). This is great news for Belizeans at home and abroad, no more costly phone bills!

The Prime Minister said “Of course this ability to now freely access VOIP will further harness the power of the internet, and allow Belizeans to enhance many facets of their lives, particularly in areas such as long distance learning with video-conferencing capabilities, computer to computer conversations with families and friends abroad, and even internet-based television.”

The reason I was excited about the news wasn't just that I could do video chat with family and friends but I was thrilled that small business owners and entrepreneurs can also now tap into an even greater arena!

Imagine a fashion designer from Belize wanting to gain exposure and want to show off her work real time? She can now schedule on line video chat meetings with potential clients; she can offer a “LIVE’ private viewing to a select group of people!

Now one of my favorite methods of video chat is Google + hangout, it is super easy to use. All you need is a gmail address and your contacts. Just the other day I did a Google Hangout with a contact I met on Google+ from South Carolina!

Here are a few ways you can use live video chat for:
  • Host live, face-to-face conference calls with customers, suppliers, etc…; 
  • Announce new products; 
  • Demonstrate product features; 
  • Create a video blog; 
  • Answer customer questions; 
  • Hold internal meetings with employees; 
  • Create training videos; 
  • Conduct interviews with loyal customers; 
  • Offer consultations 
  • Attend webinars 
“Start up costs to a business can be high, and if you’re a young entrepreneur lacking the financial backing of a Fortune 500 company, it’s time you turn to all the technology available, particularly the networking services offered through Google, to save money as you build your business.” Sarah Hill

So take a look at your business and see how you can use the unblocking of VOIP to your benefit.

If you want to know more about Google+ and Google Hangout send me an email at socialmediaconsultingbz@gmail.com.

andrea rodriguezAbout Guest Author: Andrea Rodriguez is the manager/owner of Belize Social Media Consulting



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