Facebook Pages and Personal Profiles: What is the Difference?

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I have seen some confusion amongst business owners when it comes to getting their business on Facebook. They approach it the same way they did when they first signed up for Facebook; they create an account to promote their business

This is not a very good idea and actually is against Facebook policies. You must only have one Facebook personal profile.

More info can be found under Registration and Account Security here.

Here is how Facebook defines Personal accounts and Pages:

Personal accounts:
  • Used to connect with people you know in real life 
  • For individual, non-commercial use 
  • Can connect with other people, join groups or play social games 
“You can create and manage a Facebook Page from your personal account. Please note that only the official representative of an organization, business, celebrity or band is permitted to create a Page.”


“Pages are for businesses, organizations and brands to share their stories and connect with people. Like timelines, you can customize Pages by adding apps, posting stories, hosting events and more. Engage and grow your audience by posting regularly. People who like your Page and their friends will get updates in News Feed.”

Some benefits of creating a Facebook page are:
  • SEO – Your page is indexed by search engines. If you type in Belize Social Media in Google you will find my Facebook page. Try it!
  • You can have unlimited fans. With a personal account you can only have up to 5000 friends.
  • You can have multiple pages.
  • Access to Insights.
Click here for more awesome benefits.

Need help in creating a Facebook page? I would love to help you! Please email me at socialmediaconsultingbz@gmail.com.

About Guest Author: Andrea Rodriguez is a social media consultant in Belize passionate about helping small business owners and mompreneurs get their business online and achieve greater success. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.



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