A new Era for iBelmopan in the Visual Communication galaxy

First of all, I would like to say hello again to those loyal followers and would like to personally apologize for being disconnected from my blog or not keeping it up-to-date. Time has not been on my side due to some important steps that I took in life (family, improving education).

The future looks very crystal clear for our little startup. Thanks to some related training and studying in the field our team has been unfortunately separated for a while but there is a lot of hope for something big. We are discovering that this field has a lot of potential and that a new era will soon emerge and we not only be a simple a small startup but something that improve the lives of all us Belizeans. Your patience might just translate to access to a new knowledge and information learning  portal; that is the motto of iBelmopan.

You might have seen some of our work in the past and if you have any recommendations and ideas for our little blog don't hesitate to share. Combination of small ideas normally sparks big ideas and we are all aware of that. Information is power and we want to give you access to that power. That is our pledge to you but for now some serious and necessary steps need to be taken to improve what we do best; visual communication is the future and so are you. Together we move and we are no more blinded.

Toodles for now until we meet again and we might possibly have some surprises along this journey. Thank you again for your patience.



Why iBelmopan?

A creative media lab.

Questions? Email us at hello@ibelmopan.com